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  • Personal Injury Attorneys

    Serving all of Southwest Florida from offices in Lake Suzy and Arcadia.

    If you are a victim of negligence, you are not alone. Let’s face it – insurance companies make money by denying claims. They make it hard for you to get justice because settlements affect their bottom line. In the meantime, medical bills are piling up, you’re missing work, and the stress is mounting.

    These same companies hate lawsuits. When they are presented with a case that has been prepared by an attorney, these companies will often settle out of court to avoid negative publicity. At Hancock Law, PA, formerly Carlton Hancock, PA, we know how to break down the insurance barriers, and get you what you deserve. We take care of every aspect of your loss, from current and future medical costs to lost wages to pain and suffering.With the proper settlement, you can move on with your life.

    Are you in a situation, not of your creation, that is threatening your future? We can help! Hancock Law PA, specializes in getting the maximum settlement for each situation. We will handle your case, taking care to minimize the emotional damage and drama along the way. In our community, it’s important to resolve your issues with diplomacy and discretion. We treat you like family, respectfully communicating each new development.

    We have the knowledge and experience to handle these claims: Personal Injuries, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Wrecks, Trucking Accidents, Slip and Fall, ATV Accidents, Animal Attacks, Assaults on Business Property, Bicycle Accidents, Bus Accidents, Catastrophic Injuries, Defective Child Products, Defective Products, Dog Bite Injuries, Drowning Accidents, Elevator/Escalator Accidents, Accidental Firearms Discharge, Injuries to Children, Injuries to Pedestrians, Injuries to Tourists, Negligent Security, Premises Liability, Professional Malpractice, Sepsis/Infection, Swimming Pool Accidents, Wrongful Death. We also have the ability to talk with you from the comfort of your own home, saving you the trouble of traveling to our offices.

    Click here to initiate meeting with a member of Hancock Law. We serve all of Southwest Florida, Including Charlotte, DeSoto, Collier, Hardee, Highlands, Lee, Manatee and Sarasota counties.

    NO RECOVERY = NO FEES OR COSTS TO YOU. In most types of cases, we work on a contingency fee, or a fixed percentage of your settlement. This means we do not receive payment for attorney’s fees or costs unless we settle or win your case. Contact us by email now to discover your case value or call us toll free at 866-494-9600.

  • Practice Areas

    • Personal Injuries
    • Car Accidents
    • Motorcycle Wrecks
    • Trucking Accidents
    • Slip and Fall
    • ATV Accidents
    • Animal Attacks
    • Assaults on Business Property
    • Bicycle Accidents
    • Bus Accidents
    • Catastrophic Injuries
    • Defective Child Products
    • Defective Products
    • Dog Bite Injuries
    • Drowning Accidents
    • Elevator/Escalator Accidents
    • Accidental Firearms Discharge
    • Injuries to Children
    • Injuries to Pedestrians
    • Injuries to Tourists
    • Negligent Security
    • Premises Liability
    • Professional Malpractice
    • Sepsis/Infection
    • Swimming Pool Accidents
    • Wrongful Death